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Terms of Service

Terms of Contract with Pass Guarantee Driving School


The parent or guardian authorizes the student to take part in the program on the basis that the student meets the physical requirements specified by law for issuance of a motor vehicle operator’s license. The student must be at least 15 years and 6 months old (verification by birth certificate required).


2. Pass Guarantee Driving School will pick up and drop off students at pre-determined times and regions. The pick-up AND drop-off locations must BOTH be within specific regions determined by the Pass Guarantee office. Any changes to pick up and/or drop off must be authorized by the Pass Guarantee office AND the parents/guardians of students who are minors.


• Accepting Pass Guarantee Driving School Terms

• Learner’s Permit issued by DMV

• Payment

4. Payment is due before the start of each lesson unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

•Credit Cards can be processed over the phone or through the Pass Guarantee website.

•Only Certificate Payment for Teenagers which is $25 can be paid online or accepted checks or cash by instructors by full amonth due . INSTRUCTORS DO NOT CARRY CASH.

• DMV behind the wheel test appointment only will be scheduled by student and to use our car you can call to school and book that session with us. For any reason if DMV package which is for 2 hours ( includes 1 Hr training and 1 Hr DMV test) takes more than 2 hours from , for each 30 minutes we charge $25, School will contact from 1-30 days for extra minutes payment collection.

5. Appointments WILL NOT be scheduled via email. Please schedule online through your student account or call the office to schedule any future appointments. DMV behind the wheel test appointment only will be scheduled by student and to use our car you can call to school and book that session with us.

6. Any change or cancelation to scheduled appointments must be done at least 30 hours before the lesson. Less then 30 Hours a fee of $50 will be added to your account and account will automatically get inactive. This fee is due before rescheduling the same cancelled appointment, if there was appointment already scheduled in future for you that will not be affected. The fee is due before reschedualing the cancelled appointment. This is student and/or Parents responsibility to contact school after paying $50 to reactive their account. School is NOT responsible to contact you for your inactive account. please contact our office at (209) 990-1100 to activate your student account. The makeup appointment will be scheduled after a one week wait period unless otherwise you find availability online.

7. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for each returned check.

8. Driver requests are not guaranteed. Although we will try to accommodate the request of a specific Driving Instructor, it is not guaranteed that you will have the Instructor of your choice on your driving lesson.

9. Pass Guarantee office will notify student and/or parent if a scheduled appointment must be cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances such as extreme weather, automobile issues, school closures, etc.

10. Student is to wear prescription glasses or contacts if necessary. Closed toed shoes and sunglasses are highly recommended.

11. Cell phones and/or i-Pods are not allowed to be turned on while student is in the driver training vehicle.

12. Students has 1 year to finish driving sessions.

13. We will be taking 3 to 5 min break during the 2 hours session.

14. You authorized to post students passing picture on social media, unless you ask to not.

15. “disparage agreement ” this shall mean client will not make any negative statements, reviews, comments, or feedback, whether written or oral, about Pass

Guarantee Driving School, instructors . This will include all written or electronic communication, whether email, text message, use of Yelp, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook. A non-disparagement clause outlines the financial repercussion a client will face if they post a negative review about the service provider. Pass Guarantee Driving School will refund or make it right for any unsatisfying teaching. Restrictions apply.

This policy provides the student with the best foundation to build upon, so they can practice those skills as safely

as possible over the next 90 days. A mock test will be given on the 3rd lesson along with an evaluation sheet for

the student to take home. The evaluation sheet is a valuable resource for the student to review when it’s time to take the behind the wheel test.

16. Behind-The-Wheel Completion Certificate is required for Teenagers (DL 400D) if the fee of $25 is already paid we will be issue the certificate at the end of their 3rd – 2-hour lesson, if Certificate fee is not paid student should pay after the session and there is wait time to get by mail. THERE WILL BE A $25.00 FEE TO REISSUE LOST FORMS.

17. Our Pass Guarantee Licensing Program is $3500.00 which should be paid upfront, based on student ability if the student has these problems not limited to mental disability, physical disability, stroke issue or any other disability and after giving many session they are not able to improve we might charge additional for the extra session. In this program we guarantee to get the student a license by providing enough classes. We will provide enough classes to make sure the student passes the exam. There are no limits, times, and/or expiration dates. Student will be provided classes 2-3 times per week. It will be Pass Guarantee Driving School’s responsibility to make sure the student is well trained to pass his or her exam. We will train the student enough to get pass in test if after 3 session student is failing the student need to pay $150 for additional test.

** The package is Non refundable and If for any reason the Student cancels, travels out of state, or falls sick he or she is should pay the cancelation fee. . **Only The instructor advice must be taken on when to take the test & when to not to the student can not take decision how may session should be provided and when to take the test. The student agrees to this term.

18: All our Vehicles Carry Audio and Video Devices.

19: Sexual Harassment Policy. Pass Guarantee takes this very seriously. We have and will take all reasonable steps to prevent unwanted harassment from occurring. Sexual harassment is prohibited and it’s against the law. California Law defines sexual harassment as A) verbal harassment; calling names, explicit jokes, B) physical harassment; touching, pinching, grabbing, C) visual harassment; derogatory cartoons, sexual pictures, mooning, or D) sexual favors; making threats, exchanging benefits.

To report sexual harassment, you must contact Pass Guarantee at (209) 990-1100 and in writing at (you@passdriving.school)ol. You must contact the authorities right away.

By checking below box , I agree that I have read and understand the provisions of this contract.